Delivery & Return Info

Standard delivery is £5, which includes delivery, returns and dry cleaning. We also offer a next day delivery for £8, which also includes delivery, returns and dry cleaning. 

If you opt for standard delivery, your dress will arrive to you by 5pm on or before your chosen delivery date via Royal Mail. If you select next day delivery your dress will get to you on the next working day. Once your outfit arrives, this will be yours for 4 or 8 days, starting from the day your outfit arrives. 

When ordering your outfit, you can select any working day for your delivery. We do recommend you choose a delivery day at least 2 days before you require the outfit, to leave time to arrange an exchange if necessary. 

Once you have worn your outfit, place it back into the re-sealable that your outfit came in, using the second glue strip to re-seal and return to your nearest Post Office completely free of charge. 

Make sure to return your outfit by 2pm on your selected return date to avoid any late fees. 

If your return date falls on a Sunday or a Bank holiday, please post your return back to us by 2pm the following day. 

If the dress doesn’t fit, or you’re not 100% happy with your selection we will be more than happy to exchange the dress for another or give you store credit. If you decide to exchange the dress, please make sure you leave enough time for the dress to be delivered before your event date. Please make sure when you return your dress that the label is still attached to the dress as we wont be able to offer any exchange or store credit if the item has been worn. 

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to email

Unfortunately, if your dress is returned late, it prevents us from delivering it to our next customer on time. In this case, late fees will apply. For each day that the dress is late we will charge 50% of the rental cost each day until 150% of the retail cost has been paid. If you have not returned the item after 10 days, we will assume the item will not be returned and charge 150% of the full retail price of the outfit as stated on the website. After you have been charged 150% of the full retail price, the dress is yours to keep. 

Please note, that the rental period commences on the first day that you receive the dress and should be returned at your local Post Office by 2pm on the last day of your selected rental period. If you don’t return it by this last day, you will be liable to pay our late fees. 

If you are unable to return your outfit on time, please let us know as soon as possible so we can inform the next customer. 

All our labels are available on our website. If you’ve lost yours, simply click here to re-print it and stick it onto the re-sealable bag

If you happen to misplace the re-sealable bag, you will have to purchase one at your local Post Office. 

To read our full terms and conditions, please click here